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Full-Day Preschool

The Full-Day Preschool program runs year round, five days a week, 7:00am to 6:00pm, and is closed on major holidays and two weeks in August.

Director: Debi Carr  ~ ext 16             

Admission Policy

Children who are 2-5 years will be considered for enrollment. Priority is given to:
1) Children currently enrolled who wish to add more days.
2) Siblings of children currently enrolled.
3) Siblings of alumni students.
4) Children who are currently members of Bethlehem Lutheran Church
5) Children from the waiting list based on date and scheduling available.
6) Bethlehem Child Care is a non- discriminatory center and accepts all children without regard for race and/or religion.

All children will be evaluated to determine each child’s readiness to thrive in the school’s program. All families are placed on a wait list, after touring the facility. If you would like a tour, please call Debi at (760) 753-4780. Families who do not benefit from the school will be counseled regarding other options for their child.


Philosophy And Goals

Bethlehem Child Care Center is part of Bethlehem Lutheran Church.  We have a Christian based philosophy that welcomes children of all faiths and backgrounds to our program.

We believe children thrive in a loving happy environment designed to meet their special needs. Our goals are that children will develop:
· A strong positive self-concept.
· Skill in caring for their bodies.
· A joy in expressing themselves creatively in music, art, crafts, movement and language.
· Positive social relations with both children and adults.
· Appropriate emotional controls and an inner self discipline.
· Intellectual curiosity and interest in the world around them.
· A desire to learn.
· Academic readiness for kindergarten.

Our commitment to you is to provide a safe, loving and stimulating environment where your child will be valued as a unique individual and will be challenged to grow.


Goal: To have all children feel safe and secure while they are in our care.

We fully acknowledge the reality of conflict and work hard to teach children problem solving skills. Included in these are: the ability to express their feelings with words, negotiating techniques, and acceptance of others. Our program has many activities going on at any one time, which allows the staff to effectively use redirection.

If a child has a continued discipline problem which jeopardizes the well begin and safety of others; the director will meet with the parents to discuss possible alternatives. Exclusion from the program will be recommended if all other alternatives fail.


Tuition And Fees

A registration fee is required to enroll each child. This does not apply to the tuition and is non-refundable.

Tuition is due on the first school day of each month. We do not bill. Tuitions are non-refundable.


Program And Procedures

When your child is enrolled you may use whatever part of the day that you need. The school seeks to help families establish harmony and ease as they come and go.

Sign your child out each day and take a minute to scan the bulletin board for important notices.

A special feature of our program is the opportunity for the children to interact in carefully planned intergenerational activities with the senior program, such as reading picture books, telling stories, cooking, art or singing.

The children’s learning experiences are organized around a theme such as self-awareness, community helpers, wildlife, etc.

All curriculum areas are included in the teachers’ lesson plans—art, music, movement, science, pre-math, pre-reading, language and large and small muscle activities. The teachers’ lesson plans are posted on the Bulletin Board each week.

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Parent Participation

You are invited to visit your child’s class at any time. We are especially happy for parents to share their hobbies, careers or cultural traditions. If possible you may want to join your child at lunchtime.



Parent-teacher conferences will be planned during the school year to share information about your child’s growth, activities and needs. Any time during the year you would like to confer with the teacher do not hesitate to ask for a special time. The director will arrange for the teacher’s duties to be covered so you may talk together.



The State Licensing agency requires that only well children be in school. Children will be observed by the teacher to determine the he/she is in good health. Standard exclusion policy will apply. 

The school cannot give medications without meeting very specific guidelines, which are mandated by the state. Please check with the director. Do not put medications in lunch boxes or allow child to carry them.



Every attempt is made to provide a safe and happy environment for children. Because children are active and energetic accidents will happen.

Minor injuries will be cleaned off and a band-aid applied. You will receive a slip in your child’s cubby.

Parents will be immediately notified in case of a serious accident and immediate action will be taken if it is deemed necessary. Please be sure to update all emergency contact telephone numbers if they change during the year.

California law requires that all school personnel be alert to suspected child abuse and findings be reported to Child Protective Agency.


Rest Time

The preschool day is a stimulating and active time, and preschool children need a time of rest during the day. We provide cots and all children have the opportunity to rest each day.



We are eager for children to be active, vigorous and creative. Dress him/her in sturdy play clothes that can handle dirt and paint. Clothing which a child can manage without help promotes a sense of independence and confidence.


Bethlehem Child Care Center

License #372006509

Please contact the director for tuition rates.

Hours of Operation:
7:00 AM to 6:00 PM Monday through Friday

Tuition paid after the 10th of the month will require a 10% late charge added to the amount.

IRS TAX ID #FK952847819

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