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2017 Congregational Meeting


Members of Bethlehem Lutheran Church will be asked, at the annual Congregation Meeting on January 22, 2017, to vote on two changes to our Constitution and Bylaws. The two changes are:


1. Amendments to the Constitution mandated by the ELCA.


At the Churchwide Assembly last August, the ELCA made several changes to the Model Constitution that all ELCA congregations use as the basis for their constitutions. Most of these amendments reflect a change in wording from “ordained ministers, pastors and clergy” to “minister of Word and Sacrament,” and a change from “associate in ministry, diaconal minister and deaconess” to “minister of Word and Service”.


We are required to adopt these changes to maintain consistency with ELCA guidelines. The full text of the amendments can be viewed here.


If you have any questions, contact Bob Michelet (



2. Bylaws for the Mission Endowment Fund Committee.


Bethlehem has had a Mission Endowment Fund for several years, as required in our constitution, but it has not had a full-time committee to oversee it, nor has it had formal guidelines for how it should function.


Last summer, a five-member committee was appointed to oversee the endowment fund. It has written a set of bylaws to describe the purpose of the fund, how it should be administered, and the way in which money should be raised and spent. As proposed bylaws, they require a two-thirds affirmative vote at a Congregation Meeting.


The full text of the proposed bylaws can be viewed here. If you have any questions about the proposed bylaws, please ask any member of the committee – Sandy Lakey, Ted Lange, Michele Lund, Bob Michelet and Dave Porcelli – or Pastor Laura.