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The Giving Tree

All through the year, the Giving Tree, at the entrance of the church, gives opportunities to help people.  There are different projects, with different leaders, but the same heart. Thanks for taking a slip of paper from the tree or signing up for a project on the clipboards below the tree.

Bethlehem Women of the ELCA: 

Mission Action and Giving Tree Schedule 2017

ELCA World Hunger Appeal / Saint Andrew's Episcopal Church Community Food Pantry Appeal
  • Leader: Kim Oswald and Cheryl Monreal 
  • Leader: Lori Cook
College Care Packages
  • Leader: Skye Svenningsen  
Mother's Day Thankoffering
  • Leaders: BWELCA

Center for Global Awareness 
  • Leaders: Dianne Nichols and Gail Winterbourne  

Stand Down for Veterans
  • Leader: Kim Oswald

July - August 20th     
Bethlehem Serves
  • Leader: Mike Notrica

August 21st - September  
Pajama Project Appeal
  • Leader: Belinda Simonini

September 21st - Mid-October   
Lutheran World Relief Ingathering:  Quilts & Blankets
  • Leader: Scraps and Prayers Quilting Group
October 1st - mid-October
Lutheran World Relief Ingathering:  Quilts & Blankets
  • Leaders: Scraps and Prayers Quilting Group 
Secret Santa
  • Leader: Cheryl Monreal

Secret Santa
  • Leader: Cheryl Monreal    
Community Resource Center
  • Leader: Karin Kloehn
Ongoing:    Fair Trade Coffee; TACO (soup kitchen).


The Giving Tree in the Narthex

This month's opportunity:

Check the bulletin announcements or contact Kim Oswald for the latest Giving Tree opportunities.

Year-round opportunities:
Two local groups that we support are the Saint Andrew’s Episcopal Church Food Pantry and the Third Avenue Charitable Organization (T.A.C.O.)

Saint Andrew's Episcopal Church Food Pantry
  • Our church neighbor has a program to distribute food to those in need. There is a collection basket in the Narthex to place your donations. Donations should consist of products with a 'shelf life' . This would include canned, dried and package items or meals. Rice, beans, peanut butter and the like. Also, $10 and $25 grocery store gift cards are used for emergencies. Click on Food Pantry List below to view specific food needs.
  • TACO is a monthly event supported by many Churches and social groups around San Diego County.  Our scheduled day for this charity is the 3rd Monday of each month.
    Church members volunteer to serve in the First Lutheran Church's soup kitchen, downtown San Diego at 3rd and Ash, at 3:30 PM.  No cooking is involved -- all that's needed is a friendly face and willing hands.  Our group is coordinated and chaperoned. Questions or need a ride?   Call Lori Cook at 760 918-2401.   Hope to see you there!  Matthew 25:3
    Our Next opportunity is announced on the Events page and in our Church Calendar.


Please help these worthy causes throughout the year as you are able.

Food Pantry List