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Adult Education

Adult education and Bible study are ongoing ministries at Bethlehem. On this page you will find dates for upcoming classes and links to materials that have been used in past classes at Bethlehem. You will also find dates for upcoming PALLMM (Preparing Adult Lay Leaders for Mission and Ministry) classes sponsered by the Pacifica Synod of the ELCA.




There are no classes scheduled at this time.

To learn more about Pacifica Synod's PALLMM ministry, go to the synod website and click on the PALLMM logo.  PALLMM Prepares Adult Lay Leaders for Mission and Ministry. 



The Study of Revelations

Class handouts

Mid-Week Lenten Class 2012: Giants of the Faith

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Encountering Islam - Learn the basic history, theology and the critical features that shape this rich faith tradition and inform today's news headlines. There will also be practical advice in working and socializing with our Muslim neighbors and friends.

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Encountering the Bible with Pastor Daren

The Book of Judges - War, intrigue, inter-tribal tensions – before there were the Kings of Israel, there were the Judges who were often military leaders as well: figures like Deborah, a prophetess and commander, or Gideon who declined the offer of kingship, or the heroic and tragic story of Samson.

1 Samuel - “Here I am!” cried the young Samuel as he heard God’s voice in the night. It was the beginning of a calling that would forever change the history of Israel. 1 Samuel is packed with characters like King Saul, a young David and a fearsome Goliath, and stories that shaped a young monarchy.

2 Samuel - King David, Bathsheba, the prophet Nathan, David’s sons Absalom and Joab—2 Samuel reads more like a graphic novel than the history of Israel’s most famous king.

Science and Religion - There is a prevalent belief that science and religion are at odds if not at war. Is this true? Can we hold onto our beliefs and still do good science? Can religion learn from science and vise versa?

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Mark Reynolds's presentation

World of the Roman Empire

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Mid-Week Lenten Class 2011: Epistle to the Romans

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