Sunday Mornings... 
Worship Services 
8, 9 & 10:30 am
Learning Circles (Pre - 6th)
9:00 am

Revolution (7th - 12th)
10:30 am

Meet Pastor Laura

I am blessed to serve you!  I enjoy working in this amazing congregation.  I hope that you will not only visit us on a Sunday morning, but would stop by or drop me an email so I can chat.  As an introduction, I have a short biography and hope to learn your story.

God bless!

Pastor Laura


Get to know Pastor Laura better 

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 Some Pastoral Activities

Contact Pastor Laura Ziehl for questions and scheduling these activities.  



Occurs during one of the worship services.  

First Communion

Age level at the discretion of the parents.  There are several classes led by the Pastor in preparation for first communion.


Part of the Youth Ministry.  7th and 8th grades with confirmation in the fall of the 9th grade. Click here for details.


Speak with the Pastor.

Funeral / Memorial

Speak with the Pastor.