Sunday Mornings... 
Worship Services 
8, 9 & 10:30 am
Learning Circles (Pre - 6th)
9:00 am

Revolution (7th - 12th)
10:30 am

Mission Statement

The Mission of Bethlehem Lutheran Church is to announce boldly the love of God through Christ.

We do this because we are:  
Included through Baptism
Nourished by Word and Sacrament
Rooted in the Gospel

We do this by:
Celebrating our faith in Worship
Listening and responding to needs and concerns
Including children and youth in all aspects of our ministry

Applying our faith in loving, caring actions in our community and throughout the world.


A Brief History

Bethlehem Lutheran Church began with an invitation to people to attend an informal worship service in a Rancho Santa Fe home on December 4, 1960. A charter of organization was signed on April 12, 1962 by 73 adult confirmed members, making Bethlehem a formally organized congregation of what was then the Lutheran Church in America. Services were held in the Rancho Santa Fe Fire Station, the Encinitas Grange Hall and the Masonic Hall in Encinitas before a church was dedicated on August 16, 1964 in a remodeled stable and carriage house on Balour Drive in Encinitas. The worship space was built from the walls of the stable, and the office building was housed in the carriage house for a race track. The birth of our Lord in a stable made Bethlehem a natural name for the mission congregation.