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TACO/taco1.jpgTACO/taco2.jpgTACO is a monthly event supported by many Churches and social groups around San Diego County.  Our scheduled day for this charity is the 3rd Monday of each month.

Church members volunteer to serve in the First Lutheran Church's soup kitchen, downtown San Diego at 3rd and Ash, at 3:30 PM.  No cooking is involved -- all that's needed is a friendly face and willing hands.  Our group is coordinated and chaperoned. Questions or need a ride?   Call Lori Cook at 760 918-2401.   Hope to see you there!  Matthew 25:3

Our next opportunity to serve is listed on our church calendar. For special TACO events check the lastest weekly bulletin announcements.

TACO/taco3.jpg TACO/taco4.jpg

TACO's Clothing and Hygiene Needs  We LOVE your donations! Based on our clientele needs and our limited storage space, we will now be collecting the following donations.  Thank you for your support!
Socks – men’s new white crew
Underwear – men’s boxers L and XL; women’s briefs M-XL
Jeans and Shorts – men’s and women’s
Tennis Shoes and Flip Flops – men’s and women’s
Soap & Lotion, Shampoo & Conditioner– hotel and travel size
Toothbrushes and Toothpaste
Baseball Caps, Sunscreen, Chapstick
Jackets & Sweatshirts - men’s and women’s
Sleeping Bags
Beanies (Winter Hats), Gloves, & Scarves
To drop off your donations, email Michelle Steuber at msteuber@tacosd.org, or call and leave a message at 619-235-9445 x 102.

TACO's annual Christmas Giveaway -- Each year 250 sleeping bags, backpacks or duffle bags are given out to our guests on the Monday before Christmas, many times the only Christmas  celebration our guests will have.   Each gift is stuffed with a sweatshirt (preferably hooded), flannel shirt, thermal tops, warm gloves, mittens and scarves, packages of men's socks, toiletries and other items donated to this wonderful project.  It's both heartwarming and heartbreaking to see how grateful our guests are!
The immediate need is for money to purchase the 250 big presents which can generally be purchased in bulk for $20 each.  Please make checks payable to Bethlehem Lutheran Church, be sure to write TACO on the memo line and put them into the lock box on the wall by the Giving Tree or give to Lori Cook to turn in.  Any other items may be left in the TACO box under the Giving Tree, as usual.   Thank you so much!